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Ambaville – Zanbavil  (Hubertia ambavilla)

Ambaville is a native plant from Reunion and Mauritus island. In internal use, the leaves’ decoction relieves stomach aches and is especially known for its anti-ulcer and anti-inflammatory activity. Traditionally consumed as “rafrésisan”, it also has diuretic and depurative virtues.

In external use, a bath or a washing containing decoction of leaves treats the issues of skin ( eczema, herpes,..)

-Internal use : 3 cs for 1L of water and bring to a simmer ( don’t boil), let infuse with the lid 15 min and drink throughout the day during 10 days to 3 weeks.

-External use : boil 5 cs for 1L of water and apply on the body in compresses or in a bath until improvement of the cutaneous problems​