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Bois d’osto- Bwa losto (Antirhea borbonica)

Bois d’Osto is a nativ plant of the Mascarene Islands and Madagascar. The plant is known for its astringent, tonic, diuretic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it’s an “rafresisan”. In internal use, the leaves’ decoction is effective against the diarrhoea, relieves stomach evils ( ulcers,..), decreases the cholesterol, the fever and is also useful in case of diabetes and urinary problems.

In external use, it stops the haemorrhages and supports the wounds cicatrization, it also looks after the ocular problems.

-Internal use :boil 5 leaves during 20 min in 50 cl and drink on teacup per day.

-External use : use the leaves decoction to clean infected wounds and make eye baths in case of conjunctivitis or cataract.

Warning : leaves are listed in the pharmacopoeia  for external use, internal use must be limited due to lots of tannins