Organic farming, national park mind, biodynamics

Our forest preservation and cultivation techniques are important to us. That’s why we value them by different labels and brands.

First, the organic farming label shows that we work the land with respect, without using any chemical products whatsoever. We cultivate with inspiration of nature and elders, using renewable and local resources to feed our plants and enrich the soil.

Then comes the “national park mind” brand which is a guarantee of our agroforestry methods. We preserve the forest and it gives us back by offering a humidity reservoir ( percolation, dew, rain) and a natural barrier against crop pests ( reservoir of healthy bacteria, insects and auxiliary animals)

Finally, biodynamics is a source of technique linked to the observation of cosmological and telluris rhythms. We observe the moon, stars and constellations to give our plants a vigorous life. To this we combine the telluric and mineral forces through the use of biodynamic preparations,  minerals and dynamized water.